PART1 Periorbital Rejuvenation - Dr. Gabriela Casabona

Periorbital Rejuvenation - Dr Gabriela Casabona Periorbital rejuvenation is one of the most popular yet challenging areas of rejuvenation for an aging face. The periorbital area is a key focus point for facial rejuvenation as the eyes are strong indicators of overall health and often the first point of contact with another person. In this video, Dr. Gabriela Casabona, a dermatologist from Brazil, shows her different steps and techniques to master periorbital rejuvenation, using a holistic approach. This method aims to reduce, postpone and even repair the effects of endogenous as well as exogenous aging. It’s a complete anti-aging treatment that combines many strategies, including biostimulation.

Dr. Gabriela Casabona (Brazil)

Dr. Gabriela Casabona is a dermatologist practicing in Brazil. She has dedicated the first 10 years of her career to mastering cosmetic rejuvenation of both the face and body. She then traveled to the USA to serve a variety of externships with experts in various procedures and technologies.

Dr.Casabona had spent a great deal of her time as a collaborator in the Laser department of Universidade ABC- Brazil. Since 2010, Dr. Casabona shifted her career to more the surgical side. She spent much of the last 5 years in many training programs in the USA, Latin America and Europe furthering her expertise in skin cancer surgery, Mohs surgery, and honing her reconstruction skills (especially oculoplastics). She is also trained in cosmetic surgery including, fat grafting, endoscopic brow lifting and blepharoplasty.

For 15 Years Dr. Casabona has built her own clinic where 85% of her patients are cosmetic, mainly fillers, botulinum toxin combined with technology treatments and the newest generation of thread lifting procedures. The other 15% are surgical patients (cosmetic and oncology). Dr. Casabona is presently an International Speaker for Allergan Medical, Merz Medical, and also Medical consultant and Speaker for Mesoestetic Spain.

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PART2 Periorbital Rejuvenation - Dr. Phillipe Berros

Less is more is of paramount importance in periorbital treatment. Let’s explore how Dr. Berros treats his patient in her periorbital areas without causing side effects. The treatment plan of Dr. Berros will cover clinical anatomy of the orbital muscles and the connections with ligaments around them. His technique of stretching the tear trough ligament and injecting into the orbital valley with small amount of filler will be demonstrated.

PART3 Periorbital rejuvenation with non-injectables - Dr.Yates Chao

Dr. Yates Chao goes over the anatomy of the area in detail, highlighting that the periorbital area is one of the most delicate areas where skin is thinnest and that as we age we lose fat particularly in the intraorbital area. Dr. Yates Chao then discusses the use of energy-based devices and their benefits. He demonstrates the use of ultherapy during the live demo.