Beautification. Restoring a photogenic face.

Dr. Fadi Abi Azar (Lebanon, Beirut)

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Beautification. Restoring a photogenic face.  Dr. Fadi Abi Azar (Lebanon, Beirut) Beautification. Restoring a photogenic face.  Dr. Fadi Abi Azar (Lebanon, Beirut) 1

A very detailed, lengthy master class with step-by-step explanations from the speaker, with anatomical justification of the techniques performed during the correction, author's techniques in the highest video quality. Extremely relevant material for practicing professionals.


  • Detailed marking on the patient, search for points and strategies.
  • Vectors of motion and the rate of filler injection. The choice of the modulus of elasticity of the material.
  • Competent choice of tools, "optimal needle".
  • Correction of the middle third of the face, lacrimal groove, smoothing of transitions. 
  • Correction of the lower third of the face.
  • Aspiration tests in operation.
  • Combinations of different fillers in one area.


Dr. Fadi Abi Azar (Lebanon, Beirut)

Dr. Abi Azar is an accredited plastic and aesthetic surgeon at 23MD Beirut. He graduated from USJ in Beirut and Paris Diderot, where he worked for several years, perfecting his skills as a surgeon with leading professionals in the field.

Dr. Abi Azar believes that beauty is about balance. Restoring this balance restores  natural beauty and boosts self-confidence. He uses his wealth of experience and deep understanding of the anti-aging process to bring you your personal rejuvenation plan.

At the top of his field, Dr. Abi Azar loves to travel and further his knowledge through innovative conferences and workshops by world leaders. He is an expert in the newest and most advanced techniques in the cosmetic field.

With  great communication skills, he listens carefully and understands the needs of his patients to deliver personalised, natural results. He knows that when people believe that they look good, they project that feeling into the world, and has fast become known for sound advice when deciding to choose between non-surgical and surgical corrections.

Dr Fadi broad knowledge of non-surgical and surgical procedures enables him to reliably asses the benefits of using cutting edge procedures like  dermal fillers, and anti-wrinkle injections, instead of automatically recommending ‘going under the knife’.

For Dr. Abi Azar, cosmetic surgery is not only art and beauty, it also nurtures happiness from within.

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