Dr. Mihai Gorj (France)

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A protocol that combines volumising hyaluronic acid with biorevitalisation to restructure the face and improve the skin quality.

I use this protocol to treat skin sagging caused by a lack of structure and projection, and a loss of firmness and elasticity in the skin. It is based on an approach that allows us to treat, in one session, the three major causes of skin sagging: Structure (1) & Shape (2)This involves treating the face’s lack of structure and support due to bone resorption and the involution of the adipose tissue, using a very cohesive, volumising hyaluronic acid.

  • The areas treated are the temples, cheekbones, chin and angle of the mandible.
  • I inject the product deeply (in contact with the bone and immobile fat).
  • Small quantities are enough to achieve good projection.
  • I inject 0.1ml to 0.6ml of product in a bolus, according to the area and the patient, which gives a total of two to four 1.2ml syringes maximum to treat the whole face.

Skin Quality (3)Aging goes hand in hand with skin changes (loss of elasticity, dehydration, loss of tonus, etc.) that need treating if we are to achieve a comprehensive and har- monious result. Here, we need to stimulate the skin quality using a biorevitalisation solution.

The area treated is the middle third of the face.

  • I inject up to 3ml per side, depending on the patient, which is two bottles, depending on the condition of the skin.
  1. Structure: Recreating the volumes lost due to the involution of the adipose tissue – mobile areas of the face
  2. Shape: Reinforcing the bone structure – immobile areas of the face

Skin Quality: Improving the skin’s texture

The thing I like about the BioNutriShape protocol is that it is suitable for most patients. The strategy is always the same and this allows us to adapt it to each patient’s requirements and personal face structure. We can adapt the BioNutriShape protocol by carefully analysing the face and understanding the patient’s wishes.

By requirement: Every patient has their own personal correction requirements that must be prioritised when we are choosing which areas to inject. If we consider the chin, for example, in some cases we will need to accentuate its projection or subtly lower it in order to enhance the face’s V-shape.

By age: BioNutriShape may be suitable for younger patients too. Patients aged between 20 and 35 who want to beautify their face can also benefit from this protocol. The aim here is to improve the cheekbones’ projection and/or the shape of the mandible while preventing aging and skin sagging.

By gender: BioNutriShape is a protocol that is suitable for both men and women. With a proper understanding of the fundamental differences between the sexes, it can make the face either more masculine or more feminine:

• Angle of the mandible:  A square jaw is a sign of virility, so we seek to make the mandible more prominent in men. Conversely, we seek a more rounded jawline in women, by softening the angle of the mandible.

• Chin: We inject centrally in women to refine the chin and accentuate its oval shape. We inject into two lateral injection points in men to widen the chin and give it more of a square shape.

• Cheekbones: We inject more centrally in men and more laterally in women, depending on the patient’s bone structure.

A protocol with immediate results and high patient satisfaction

BioNutriShape allows us to treat the whole face at the same time, both to reinforce its structure and as part of a prevention plan. The results are immediate and require no downtime. In one single session, this protocol allows us to restructure the whole face while improving the skin texture. This comprehensive care is an important aspect of my practice.

Dr. Mihai Gorj (France)

Specialist in Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. HIS PHILOSOPHY: "Plastic surgery is a noble profession, far from the clichés conveyed by the media. The plastic surgeon remains above all a doctor who's vocation is the well-being of his patients thanks to a subtle blend of know-how, innovation and artistic gaze. The reconstruction and the aesthetics are in my opinion complementary both in the approaches and the techniques used. I therefore attach particular importance to the association of these two aspects in my practice."

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