Profiloplasty. With injections. 

Dr. Bob KHANNA (United Kingdom) & Dr. Dr Henry DELMAR (France)

Language of this video: English

Two detailed master classes on profile harmonization, with step-by-step explanations from the speakers. Dangerous points and anatomy in the markup.

Correction of the lower and middle third of the face, lips (accent) and nose. Unique access points in nasolabial triangle correction and lip correction techniques.

Step-by-step, visual movements, depth of penetration, choice of direction and technique, indication of dosages. Answers to questions from a professional audience.

Author's techniques in the highest video quality.

Professor Bob Khanna (United Kingdom)

Since 1992, Prof Khanna has built a formidable career carrying out advanced cosmetic and oral surgical procedures in combination with aesthetic medicine.

He has been at the forefront for the development of concepts and techniques using BTX, dermal filler, PRP and threadlifting for over 24 years. Prof Khanna is an invited speaker and chairman to most senior aesthetic medical and dental conferences in the world, and clinicians travel from around the world to attend the prestigious Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute in the UK to learn his world-renowned concepts and techniques.

As well as providing the leading Training Service for Facial Aesthetics in the UK, Professor Khanna is also known as the ‘Doctor’s Doctor’, due to over 35% of his patients being Doctors themselves.

Dr. Henry DELMAR (France)

Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeon

Commencing to carve a path as a qualified Plastic & Aesthetic surgeon in 1991, Dr. Delmar soon enough became a staple in the field of health and beauty as his name has become synonymous with the words respect, innovation and symmetry.

As a member of the European Board of Plastic Surgeons (EBOPRAS) and specializing in Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Delmar maintains an active role in surgical societies and scientific work. Namely, he has served as a president of the French Society of Aesthetic Plastic surgery (SOFCEP) and is a member of the prestigious International Society of Plastic, Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS) and the European Society of Plastic, Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery (ESPRAS).

Having written a handful of books on Facial Rejuvenation, Facial Anatomy and Breast Augmentation, Dr. Delmar has also obtained the title of Designer, as he has been a critical member in the design of instruments for endoscopic surgery: frontal and breast.

With a cunning eye for creating beauty and harmony when it comes to satisfying patient needs, Dr. Delmar brought to life his vision of his own private practice in 1993. Via his practice, known as Clinique Del Mar, he is able to offer a plethora of patients both invasive and non-invasive solutions that cater to the fields of health and beauty, under the umbrella of a respected and prestigious brand.

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