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SFAM (Stop Facial Ageing Method)

Dr. Sandrine Sebban MD (Paris, France)

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Background. There is currently no standardized and reproducible injection technique to address facial aging at all anatomical levels.

Objective. The Sebban Technique One-point (STOP) Facial Aging Method™ for hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers aims to provide predictive results using a single point of entry.

Methods. STOP combines two complementary techniques: Deep One-point (DOP) and Superficial One-point (SOP). DOP targets the deep plane to restructure the facial architecture, while SOP targets the superficial and deeper hypodermic planes to add volume and provide optimal tissue hydration. The injection procedure involves one DOP phase and two SOP phases using an HA filler appropriate for the treatment indication and injection depth. STOP has been investigated in a retrospective, open-label observational case series.

Results. Data from 10 women, aged 41 to 59 years, with varying stages of facial aging were retrospectively examined. Eight had received DOP with bolus injections of a cohesive HA filler and nine had received SOP using an HA filler with good elasticity to target the deep or superficial hypodermis. The mean total volume of HA filler injected (all HA fillers combined) was 5.46mL (range: 4.0–7.0mL) for the whole face. Physician and patient satisfaction with the treatment was high and all subjects stated that they would recommend the treatment to their friends. The STOP protocol was well-tolerated and no complications were observed during the DOP or SOP phases.

Conclusions. STOP is a reproducible and safe technique for global facial rejuvenation with a single cannular point of entry.

"Making a face more beautiful, bringing harmony back to its shape, highlighting a detail that determines the person's expression, minimizing a weak point, turning the clock back a few years...that is my goal every day. My only purpose is to please my patients by giving them perfectly safe, natural, and subtle results that are anything but artificial. Through years of experience, my practice has changed, my technique has become more precise, and I have adopted the best tools technology has to offer. Each face is a work of art. Our mission is to carefully work with each one. When confronted with the ravages of time and when our knowledge is strong, our eyes see and our hand create, meaning our power over time is infinite." Dr. Sandrine Sebban 

Dr. Sandrine Sebban MD (France)

Sandrine SEBBAN, MD, is a Cosmetical Physician. She has been educated and trained in Paris-France : Master Course Degree in Biology & Toxicology, then certifications in Mesotherapy, Laser for Skin Rejuvenation and Hair removal and in Injection and Filling Techniques in Dermatology and Aesthetic surgery.For more than 15 years, she has been practicing in her own private office in Paris in the broad spectrum of aesthetics (including filler injections, peelings, mesotherapy, PRP, contour threads, skin resurfacing lasers).She is also a reference physician for clinical experiments with aesthetics laboratories (Allergan, Galderma, Vivacy, Teoxane) and a international filler injection trainer as well as speaker.Finally she’s the inventor of « the Soft Filling Technique », a highly innovative micro-cannula-based filler injection technique launched internationally in 2009 and of the “One Point Technique” launched in 2012.

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