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One point. Mid-face

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Speaker: Dr. Wolfgang Redka-Swoboda (MUNICH, GERMANY)

Dr. Wolfgang Redka-Swoboda, talks about the anatomy of the skin and subcutaneous structures. Where to prick, what and in what cases, what density of the filler, in general, a lot of nuances.

At the end of the lectures, Dr. Redka-Svoboda held master classes with a live demonstration of the techniques for injecting fillers into various areas of the face.

The main aspects of applied anatomy as a tool for preventing vascular complications were considered. The speaker shared his professional experience: how to correct the middle third of the face, recreate the volume of the anterior zygomatic zone in one stage, and correct the temporal zone.

It is worth noting that Dr. Redka-Svoboda is an incredibly charismatic speaker with a real talent to keep the audience's attention. Nobody remains indifferent to his sense of humor, professionalism, openness and ability to feel the mood of the audience.

Dr. Wolfgang Redka-Swoboda (Germany)

After completing his medical studies and his exam at the University of Ulm / Germany in 1984 he received his board certification as a general surgeon in 1992. In the following 9 years he has been Senior physician and deputy Chief physician in the Department of Surgery and Traumatology in the hospital of Marktoberdorf/Germany. During the same time he was the Chief physician and Medical Director of the Emergency service of the region Ostallgäu being in charge of training and continuing education of specialist registrars. The position as Chief physician of the Department of Surgery and Traumatology in Eschenbach/Germany and as Medical Director and Chief physician in the Center for Rehabilitation and Preventive Medicine in Schwangau/Germany completed his clinical career.

Since 2002 Dr. Redka-Swoboda is running workshops for dermal fillers and since the beginning of the TEOXANE Company he is one of the main speakers in Germany for TEOXANE products. From 2009 on going he is the consultant of TEOXANE Germany and Medical Director. His main speciality is risk management and dealing with side effects after filler treatment and meanwhile contact is made worldwide for his advice of adverse reactions. For TEOXANE Germany he is also in the function as the Scientific Director for all workshops and scientific meetings organised by the company, mostly certified by the responsible medical chambers. Dr. Redka-Swoboda is a member of several national and international medical associations, since 2013 he is running cadaver courses and lectures in cooperation with the Head Surgical Training Center of the Institute of Anatomy at the Paracelsus Medical University in Salzburg / Austria. Dr. Redka-Swoboda is now practising in Munich/Germany as a free based aesthetic surgeon.

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