Language of this video: English

Speaker: Ali Mojallal MD, PhD (University of Lyon, France)

A detailed lecture by a doctor and two step-by-step master classes with a live demonstration of the methods of introducing fillers into different areas of the face. With the definition of dangerous points, body fat, blood vessels, nerves and variability in the work of a doctor. Detailed examination of the anatomical structures on the cadaver material.

It is imperative that aesthetic providers injecting dermal fi llers and volume enhancers carefully consider the location of the injection, especially in the “danger zones.” Sound knowledge of facial anatomy, especially the key arterial and venous structures that are vulnerable to occlusion, and knowing how aging affects the location of these anatomical structures, is half the battle in preventing necrosis and potential vision loss with dermal fi llers and volume enhancers. Knowledge of the “tell-tale” signs of impending necrosis and vision loss, and the steps necessary to minimize damage that can occur, will ensure that the aesthetic provider is adequately prepared to quickly respond if these rare and potentially devastating adverse events occur. And fi nally, consistently exercising practical “arterial/venous occlusion prevention tips” whenever an aesthetic provider injects a dermal fi ller or volume enhancer in close proximity to a “danger zone” will ensure client safety and satisfaction.

Dr. Ali Mojallal MD, PhD (University of Lyon, France)

Ali Mojallal MD, PhD is Full Professor of Plastic Surgery. He is the Co-Chair of the department of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at University of Lyon-France. He worked as Volunteer Clinical Assistant Professor at UT-SouthWestern in Dallas-Texas with Dr Rod J.Rohrich during five years. He is an editorial board member of PRS-GO and Aesthetic Surgery Journal. His work focuses on Regenerative Medicine based on Adipose Derived Stem Cells at its application in reconstructive and aesthetic procedures.

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