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Maximizing the Result of Full Face Volumization 

Dr. Cecile Winter (France)

Dr. Cecile Winter talks in-depth about facial anatomy, before beginning with the upper third of the face. Dr. Cecile Winter notes that the patient has some glabellar lines as well as a deflated temple region, so she begins by injecting small amounts of HA filler to reduce hollowness and lift the lateral part of the eyebrow. The patient looks upwards prior to injection of the under-eye so the junction between the orbitary retaining ligament and the preseptal space is clearly marked. 

Next Dr. Winter moves to the lower face where she enhances the chin and elongates the mandibular line before finally finishing with the midface where she injects under the nasal wing to decrease the appearance of the nasolabial folds.

Full HD (timeline: 00:33:25)

Dr. Cecile Winter (France)

Facial plastic surgeon, Aesthetic Medicine in a Private Practice (Clinique Saint George, Nice, France)

Teaching activities and and Anatomist in IUFC ( Head & Neck University Institute), Nice, France

Member of the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe.

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