FACE. Anatomy course

This video course consists of 8 parts. The first part is an extensive lecture by the speaker, bringing all the parts together. And 7 parts are separately disassembled topics, different anatomical zones of the face.

This lecture was first dubbed at the University of Michigan, the video course is relevant and very useful information for practicing specialists in aesthetic medicine.

Full HD (timeline: 01:35:00 + 01:26:00)

Glenn Fox, PhD, MS (USA)

Dr. Fox completed his Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Michigan in 2006, and was a Professor of Biology at Jackson College before returning to U-M. His research interests include: human anatomical variation, development and assessment of pedagogical tools for anatomy, computationally intensive algorithms to test hypotheses of lineage ancestry, species concepts, and inter- and intraspecific morphological variation in amniotes. Dr. Fox is a co-PI on BlueLink, a novel approach to contextualizing basic science, preclinical, and clinical concepts of anatomy via adaptive multimedia. He has a special interest in collections curation and management, and multimedia development and production. Dr. Fox co-directs First Year (M1) Medical Anatomy and DENT 545 Head & Neck Anatomy. Areas of Interest Research and Scholarly Interests: Human Anatomical Variation, Original Anatomical Description, and Anatomical e-Learning. Subject-Matter Expertise: Human Anatomy, Head & Neck Anatomy, Thoracic Anatomy, Comparative Anatomy, Phylogenetics, Squamate Reptile Evolution & Ecology, Collection Curation, Multimedia Development, e-Learning, and MOOC Development.

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