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Thread lifting. New concept (timeline: 00:58:46)

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From popular misconceptions to deliberate, literate decisions and justified techniques. This video includes theory and two detailed workshops.


  • Why do we doubt the effect of thread lifting?
  • Thread lifting techniques from the anatomic differences between Asian and Westerners.
  • New concept.
  • Thread lifting is not but. Reposition.
  • Thread lifting with PDO.
  • Do not cross the zygoma line.
  • Beginner level thread lift.
  • Position is important.
  • MACS lift.
  • Result.


Dr. Seung Hoon Kang (Korea)

ㆍFormer Clinical Lecturer, Department of Dermatology at Inje University Paik Hospital
ㆍFormer Fellow Doctor, Singapore National Skin Centre
ㆍAcademician, the Association of Korean Dermatologists
ㆍDirector of Education, the Association of Korean Contour Correction
ㆍAcademician, the Korean Association of Anti-aging Medicine
ㆍRegular Member, Korean Dermatological Association
ㆍRegular Member, the Korean Society for Aesthetic and Dermatologic Surgery
ㆍRegular Member, Korean Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery
ㆍRegular Member, American Academy of Dermatology (AAD)
ㆍDermatology Board Certification in Shanghai, China
ㆍCertification in FAMI Basic & Advanced Technique Course
ㆍCertification, Vaser High Def Academy
ㆍCounseling Doctor, Neutrogena Korea
ㆍCounseling Doctor for Laroche-Posay, L’oreal Korea
ㆍClinical Counseling Doctor, Handok (Pharmaceutical Company
ㆍMedical Advisor, Health Media of Korea Joong-Ang Daily
ㆍOfficial Advisor, BIH Cosmetics
ㆍOfficial Advisor, International Global Beauty

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