INJECTION ROUTE (timeline: 02:08:00)

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The video course is very interesting for already practicing specialists. 

Master Class:

Step 1

In the first video, Prof Ali Mojallal is guiding us through the anatomy of the full face and the concept of fat pat repositioning. He is explaining through a dissection the different layers of skin and fat and how doctors can perform an efficient and secure procedure. 

Step 2

In the second video, our well-known expert outlines how to insert and anchor Silhouette Soft threads into the face of the patient. Injection techniques are presented through dissection of different areas within the face in order to offer the best practices to physicians. 

Step 3

In the third video, the superficial fat compartments, ligaments and vessels of  face and neck are presented during this video. Prof Ali Mojallal is using dissection to emphasize each area of the face and demonstrate physicians how to best and safe perform the procedure. 

+ detailed anatomy of each area of ​​the face at cadaver material in 7 parts.

In this modules on anatomy Prof Alain Mojallal shows the areas of the face, the risk structures associated with this areas and the visualisation after injection:

1. Temples
2. Nose anatomy
3. Marionette's lines
4. Chin
5. Nasolabial
6. Cheek and malar anatomy
7. Jawline and mandibule


Prof. Alain Mojallal (France)

Ali Mojallal MD, PhD is Full Professor of Plastic Surgery.

He is the Co-Chair of the department of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at University of Lyon-France. He worked as Volunteer Clinical Assistant Professor at UT-SouthWestern in Dallas-Texas with Dr Rod J.Rohrich during five years.

He is an editorial board member of PRS-GO and Aesthetic Surgery Journal. His work focuses on Regenerative Medicine based on Adipose Derived Stem Cells at its application in reconstructive and aesthetic procedures.

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