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Hands. Anatomy and correction. FULL HD (00:45:03)

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Hands. Anatomy and correction. FULL HD (00:45:03)

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The video course is very interesting for already practicing specialists. 

In this module by Prof Ali Mojallal, you will get a deep understanding of the anatomy of the hands and the best practice to inject in this area. 

The face is a well-studied area in anti-ageing medicine. Generally, aesthetic providers look primarily to the face for providing patients with a youthful look and options for rejuvenation. However, there are other areas on the body that reflect the ageing process that providers can discuss with patients to improve upon so as to restore  youthfulness. The hands are an often-overlooked area that benefit from treatment, as they show signs of ageing similar to the face, including fat atrophy, decreased collagen in the skin causing wrinkles and pigmentation changes.


Prof. Alain Mojallal (France)

Ali Mojallal MD, PhD is Full Professor of Plastic Surgery.

He is the Co-Chair of the department of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at University of Lyon-France. He worked as Volunteer Clinical Assistant Professor at UT-SouthWestern in Dallas-Texas with Dr Rod J.Rohrich during five years.

He is an editorial board member of PRS-GO and Aesthetic Surgery Journal. His work focuses on Regenerative Medicine based on Adipose Derived Stem Cells at its application in reconstructive and aesthetic procedures.

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