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Full Face (timeline: 01:03:48)

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Full Face (timeline: 01:03:48)

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The video course is very interesting for already practicing specialists. 

Learn more about aesthetic injectables. Watch a full face treatment demonstration by Harley Academy founder and executive chairman, Dr Tristan Mehta. This one hour demonstration will give you a unique insight into injectable treatments and the depth of knowledge and expertise attainable through advanced aesthetics training.

Dr. Tristan, explains: “From a medical perspective, aesthetics is still somewhat new and is a constantly evolving field. We know what each treatment is designed to do. However, aesthetics experts are now pinpointing additional indirect benefits associated with each injectable treatment.”

“As the medical aesthetics community becomes increasingly experienced with injectables, we understand more and more about how treating one area can produce subtle, indirect changes for other areas,” he notes.

“The great thing about the full face filler approach is it means we, as aesthetic doctors, can achieve even better, more natural results.”

“There are a number of key benefits that full face filler treatments offer our clients. These include being able to provide beautifully balanced results which complement the face as a whole. Giving an overall harmonious result that rejuvenates your whole face yet still looks like you, simply by treating a few principal areas,” advises the noted injectables specialist.

“It means we can fully target areas of the face where volume has been lost,” Dr Tristan highlights. “In doing so, we can recreate the original scaffolding that supports the face in youth. This means that should you wish to have more detailed treatments further down the line, such as lip filler and/or tear trough filler, these areas are well supported. The outcomes should then look even better and your results should last even longer.”

Dr Tristan Mehta (UK)

Tristan founded Harley Academy to combat the established lack of standardised medical training provided within the speciality, and works as a cosmetic physician and lead trainer at Harley Academy. He holds a postgraduate diploma in Skin Ageing and Aesthetic Medicine, and created the nationally recognised Ofqual-regulated Level 7 qualification in Injectables.

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