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Anatomy needs to bring you tip and tricks to make your injection safer.

Dr. Nabila Azib (Morocco)

Dr. Kieren Bong (UK)

Dr. Steven Liew (Australia)

Dr. Sabrina Shah-Desai (UK)

Dr. Patrick Trevidic (France)


The mid face is the area lying between the bicanthal and oral commissure. The mid face is one of the first facial areas to show signs of aging. As individuals age, the bony skeleton and soft tissues of the face lose volume, producing a slightly wider orbital aperture and less anterior projection. This decreases the overall projection of the cheek and diminishes bony support for the overlying soft tissue structures. The preseptal orbicularis oculi muscle loses tone, resulting in herniation of the intraorbital fat.

Ptosis of midfacial adiposity exposes the inferior orbital rim. Further descent of cheek fat and separation from the suborbicularis oculi fat (SOOF) can be heralded by a faint diagonal groove in the infraorbital area parallel to the nasolabial crease. Furthermore, descent of the Bichat fat pad over the upper mandible can increase lower facial jowling...

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An extremely relevant material for practicing specialists in aesthetic medicine

Patrick TREVIDIC, MD (France)

Dr. Patrick Trevidic is a plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon based in Paris, France and is Head of the Surgery Department in Paris Hospital Sainte-Anne. A recognized plastic surgeon of the French Medical Council, he is also specialized in maxillofacial surgery and is a member of various international reconstructive and aesthetic societies. He has been instrumental as a key investigator in several anti-aging studies, and has been at the forefront of many others. Dr. Trevidic has published more than 50 scientific articles in various periodicals and international journals and is often called upon to present his work at international congresses. To date, he has participated in over 100 medical congresses in France, Europe and the rest of the world. As well as serving as scientific director of Expert2Expert, the renowned noted European group of surgeons and cosmetic specialists, he is also scientific director for FACE 2 FACE. 

In 2010, Dr Trevidic and Dr Ingallina published “Anatomy and botulinum toxin injections”, a reference book based on expert observations.
2011 saw the launch of the second volume about “Anatomy and Volumizing Injections. 
Dr. Trevidic is a professor and lecturer on surgery at several universities and schools of medicine in France and abroad.

Dr. Nabila Azib (Morocco)

Plastic Surgeon - Rabat - Morocco After having the diploma of the College de Medecine des Hopitaux de Paris in 2005, she became a member of Expert2Expert group. Since 10 years, she is an international speaker and coauthor of different books. She has been Scientific Director of the ICAAM Congress in Dubai for several years, Scientific Coordinator of Face2F@ce Congress in Cannes, and now she is a faculty member of ECAMS (European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery). As a Plastic Surgeon, she is able to give deep insights into anatomy and the related importance of experience-oriented treatments.

Dr. Kieren Bong (UK)

Dr Bong prides himself on his innovative approach to advanced non-surgical facial treatments, and is well known for his unique methods of achieving beautiful yet natural results with minimal pain and downtime.

Such is his passion for delivering results which are both natural and age-appropriate, patients have flown in from as far as Canada, Monaco and Scandinavia for his unique touch and skills.

 Dr. Steven Liew (Australia)

Dr Steven Liew is specialist trained plastic surgeon in Sydney, Australia. He is global innovator in the development of new non-surgical facial techniques that transform and reshaping the face. Dr Liew is an educator. He is the brainchild of Complete Face, the world first ipad based digital encyclopedia of facial injectibles, available to the global facial clinician communities.

His pioneering research – including his Universal Angle of Beauty concept for the lower face and his Universal beauty template (the Liew LIFT) – has placed him in high demand on the international lecture circuit.

Dr. Sabrina Shah-Desai (UK)

Mrs. Sabrina Shah-Desai, MS, FRCS is  a leading Aesthetic Reconstructive Oculoplastic Surgeon and Director 

Mrs. Sabrina Shah-Desai. MS, FRCS (Ed) is an Aesthetic OculoPlastic Surgeon based in UK. She is a member of the British OculoPlastic Surgery Society (BOPSS) and Interspeciality member of British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS). She is Honorary member of APRASSA & of SASDS.

Combining the micro-precision of eye surgery, with the aesthetic concepts of facial plastic surgery, she is the ‘go-to’ expert for patients seeking natural looking bespoke surgical & non-surgical facial rejuvenation, scar-less eyelid surgery (ptosis & blepharoplasty) and revision cosmetic eyelid surgery.

She has over two decades of experience, focused on the eye and face and is frequently invited to present her minimally invasive and state of the art surgical & non-surgical techniques both nationally and internationally. Mrs. Shah-Desai has developed ‘Eye-Boost’ an innovative new treatment for bespoke tear trough rejuvenation and the “Perfect 360” for 3-Dimentional facial rejuvenation.

She is a KOL for Teoxane, Sinclair (Ellanse & Silhouette Soft Threads), Inmode, Tixel (Aztec) and ex KOL -Global trainer for Galderma & Safety in Beauty “Advisory Panel Expert for Eyes 2015-16”.  She runs a Cadaver training academy OculoFacialAestheticAcademy and has developed a virtual reality aesthetic training app ( She has won numerous awards and commendations for her medical practice and training academy.

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