Hervé Raspaldo, MD (Switzerland)

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In this video, after identifying the aesthetic facial treatments to be carried out on our patient, we highlight the different arteries that run through the face. The objective is to have a perfect anatomical knowledge of the face in order to inject only in the "safe" areas.

We also highlight the "safety triangle" which identifies a non-injection area which, if it were, would have the opposite effect from that sought, namely to raise the cheekbone.
Once the arteries and the different areas have been identified, we can safely inject hyaluronic acid into the different entry points of the face: cheekbones, temples, eyebrows, nose, chin.

The next video will show the live injection session.
In this video, we analyze the face of our patient in order to define the best treatment, which must be done taking into account her needs but also the recommendation of the surgeon.

After analysis, the defined aesthetic treatment focuses on:

- treatment of the tear though and the eye area
- the treatment of the cheekbones in order to restore their volume
- the treatment of the temples and the tail of the eyebrow, intended to raise it
- treatment of the nose to correct the bump and slightly raise the tip
- the treatment of the chin in order to refine the oval of the face and offer a more triangular and more feminine profile

We will use different hyaluronic acids depending on the area to be treated.

Doctor Hervé Raspaldo (Switzerland)

Dr Hervé Raspaldo is a specialist in facial plastic surgery (MD) , running his own private practice in Face Clinic Geneve, since 2018. He has been a board member of several academies, including American Society of Plastic Surgery, Amercican academy of Facial Plastic Surgery and member of SOFCPRE (Société Française de de Chirurgie Plastique, Reconstructrice et Esthétique). He participates in and organises lectures on the anatomy of the face and neck, live surgical demonstrations and medical workshops, for injectable, rhinoplasty, facelift, blepharoplasty, chin augmentation and fat grafting. He is also a Key Opinion Leader worldwide for several pharmaceutical companies. He offers trainings on anatomy, safety, injectable in his Raspaldo Academia in Geneva (Switzerland).


“Practice medicine, for me, begins with a focus on the human and empathy. After 30 years spent at the University Hospital of Nice to take care of patients with diseases or trauma of the face and neck, I had to deal with difficult cases. It was necessary to repair or restore the function then the natural and finally, estheticism. It allowed me to know faces of any ethnic group from any continent. After this training and experience, I’m happy to begin a new carrer at Geneva”

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